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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ethics, Apr 10, 2003.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Hi. :)

    Just wanted to mention a few upcoming changes on the forum.

    Under Construction

    The big change is that we are going under construction label. That doesn't mean you can't come here, or can't post. Nope, you can do all of that and more.

    What it does mean, is that under the hood and behind the scenes many members/admins will be working on getting this site moved over to a new server. We will try to get ALL of the messages across and will probably shut down the forum in the interim, so no data is lost. We will, of course, announce the slated time for all of this.

    Right now, we are still in the research mode but wanted you to be all aware of what's down the pipe.


    Not immediately, but perhaps after as successful move, we will be looking in to backing up the site not only with backups but with a hot backup which would mean that if the main server goes down, you will be automatically re-routed to another server which should have up to date forum to go to.

    Home Page

    I started out working on it, but honestly, nor do I have the time now nor the talent. The forum's integration is going to be with post-nuke which is a portal site. It's probably one of the top of the line softwares that do wonders. Automatic news feeds, news of the forum, email routing/forwarding/checking, instant chat, ICQ/IM for AOL and the list goes on.

    What I was thinking about is making a few people responsible for different pieces of it. I've already designated Domhain to do the admin portion of it.

    If anyone is interested in helping out (the pace is sloooooow for this so don't worry about doing things on time :)) please post here or PM me or Domhain. This is low on the priority list. :)

    Personnel Changes

    With me gearing up for a birth with the wife, I will be away from the administrative tasks (although will try to keep up as a member) more so than before. Administrators are the highest forms of members on here and they are mainly responsible for the site itself. Server, database, connectivity, email and most of all forum's content and functionality. For that reason, I've made Biker our backup administrator. I will be promoting a few others as time goes on, but I think we have a good crew right now to go with.

    Finally, just wanted to thank all of you for the patience and make you aware that the new changes will be worth it. :)
  2. wapu

    wapu Veteran Member

  3. Valkyre

    Valkyre Crazy Viking Woman

    Thanks for the information ethics. I hope everything goes smoothly. :)
  4. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Message sent to Domahin.
  5. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph Registered User

    Thanks for the head up. You're doing a great job. I would love to help out but I don't think I know enough SQL or HTML to do much.
  6. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Thats fine, thanks for even offering the help. :)
  7. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member


    New Host has been found. I've dished out the money for the entire year (saved some $$ on no set up fees) and it's probably an overkill but I am sure we will bring it to its knees as we grow with membership. ;)

    I am slating the move for next week. Will keep everyone up to date as to when exactly.

    P.S. Thanks for everyone's input on this, especially the footwork by domhain!!!
  8. mrRT

    mrRT Tech Mod

    Excellent news on locating a new host. The reviews I have seen all look promising.

    If there is anything I can do to help out...just give a yell...
  9. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Thanks MrRT. :)
  10. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    Can I be so blunt as to ask how much money it costs and why would you expect us to not help you pay for it?
  11. Domh

    Domh Full Member

    The funny part is Ive been funneling money from all your bank accounts from the date you joined. Its such a miniscule part of your accrued interest it doesnt show on your statement, but it more than pays for the site, and a beach house for Leon, and I bought a McClaren F1.

    Thanks! You guys rock!

  12. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    All your bank accounts belong to us. Wait that's actually grammatical. Is grammatical a word?

    *off on yet another tangent..*
  13. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    I have to agree Leon.

    We all enjoy this site as much as you, and I don't feel that it's fair for you to have to pay for everything out of your own pocket. It's enough that you give all your time for free to this place, but you're going a bit far with the money part.

    Just set up a PayPal account or something that we can all donate to. It doesn't have to be required, and there doesn't have to be a minimum or maximum if that makes you uncomfortable. It could just be voluntary.
  14. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I will try to be blunt back. :)

    In all of the years that I have seen forums come and go, the one thing that kills a forum is donation aspect. Don't know why, perhaps there's a psychology paper on this somewhere, but it just doesn't work.

    One idea that domhain threw around which MIGHT work is offer globalaffairs email accounts for a small fee. It would be a form of a donation and people can choose to donate or not. It's a MIGHT though.

    The yearly service for the new host was $1,530.
  15. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    All you have to do is set up a paypal account and give us the account number.

    Here's a suggestion:
    Nobody should be able to say they donated, nor how much. That would allow those on a tighter budget to feel comfortable not donating.

    You could have a link to your paypal in a members only forum with a complete explanation.

    Whattaya think?
  16. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I thank you, and others, for trying to do a good thing here. I will re-evaluate everything once we are running on the new host. Who knows, maybe there's a fun way we can raise money or something? Dunno, but we shall look in to it.
  17. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph Registered User

    How about "This thread being sponsored by...."
    Perhaps putting your commercial website in your profile should cost some "advertising" money?
    Keep in mind that many people have paid $10 for that other site, and this site should be no different.
  18. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    That's another good idea. Sort of the highways sponsoring. :)

    We shall see, everyone will have a say in this, I promise that.
  19. Sharondippity

    Sharondippity Sweetness and Light

    ethics, while I agree a fun way to raise money sounds good, it almost always results in letting everyone know who donated and who didn't .

    How about a raffle? Someone could donate, or offer to ship, an item, and hold a raffle for it. Folks wanting to donate may or may not wish to actually win the item up for raffle, but it would be fun and anonymous.
  20. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Oooooo. That sounds like a neat idea. Can we raffle Sharon?? Imagine the profits!! ;)

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