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For the Tapatalk users

Discussion in 'Rumblings from the Innards' started by Biker, Oct 5, 2013.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    ZenForo 1.2 has a "responsive" design now. You might want to try accessing the site directly instead of going through Tapatalk. See if you like it without using Tapatalk. :)
  2. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    Looks nice in Safari for the iPhone.

    Of course, 1st visit prompts to use Tapatalk. ;)
  3. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Yup. Tapatalk is still installed, although they're going to be pushing advertising to the clients soon. The responsive design will be a welcome alternative if you don't feel like putting up with advertising in Tapatalk.
  4. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    I've made some minor CSS changes under the hood. For those of you with mobile devices, more testing is required please. :D
  5. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph Registered User

    Much better than tapatalk. One thing I didn't see was a different way to view the thread, whether it's last read it from the first post. Now clicking the thread takes you to the first unread post.
  6. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I haven't used Tapatalk much because I take my little notebook with me when I'm out of town now.
  7. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Clicking on a thread will always take you to the first unread. Yeah, it's a pain at times, but unless the devs add something else to get around that, it's something I can live with.
  8. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph Registered User

    Which is weird because now there is a blue button next to each thread in the new thread list like before.

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