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Finally! US Will Present Evidence Iraq Has Banned Weapons

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Advocat, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    Well, finally! If only the US had been willing to make detailed information public sooner, I think a lot more countries would have been willing to back them!

    US Will Present Evidence Iraq Has Banned Weapons

    " U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says the United States has evidence showing that Iraq is not cooperating with U.N. weapons inspections. In an interview with a German newspaper, Mr. Powell says Iraq's lack of cooperation will be proven by the end of the month. He says the United States will present its evidence in the coming days. "
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    I think they were waiting for a smoking gun, or even just a gun. Now that they do, they will add more umph to the whole issue.

    It also tells me that US evidence is not all that convincing since they didn't think it would stand alone without a smoking gun?
  3. martissimo

    martissimo Veteran Member

    frankly i believe that the U.S has pretty solid evidence, but is avoiding disclosing it because of wanting to protect their sources of said evidence... we were hoping the inspection teams would easily find something so that our sources would be protected and we wouldn't have any need to expose them. since things have not gone quite as well as planned though we are given little choice, either let the inspectors continue for a year or so or show the world what we know (and pray that our sources of information can survive until the troops get there)
  4. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Yah, martissimo, good point about evidence protection.

    I don't know, I just FEEL (rather than think ;)) that we should have disclosed this some way a while back.
  5. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Agreed. Suspect the intelligence that was in hand was pretty sensitive, and disclosure of same would have pointed directly to whomever provided it. Sometimes one needs to sit on the info to keep the intelligence source intact (not to mention, alive).
  6. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    I have a problem with the security issue; there's no reason why the US couldn't have shared this information with other countries governments and security forces... on the condition of secrecy. Secret information is shared between governments all the time without it hitting the papers or reaching the "bad guys".

    Then all countries could have said "Yes, we have been offered conclusive evidence, but the details are secret". The citizens of these countries would very likely have accepted this.

    Instead, the US said basically "We have info, but we won't share it, won't explain why we won't share it, or offer any reason why you should believe us... but you should believe us anyway and go to war for us."

    Not convincing... in any way.
  7. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    **rolling eyes** Please.. A politician is the LAST person I'd trust with a military or intelligence secret!
  8. IamZed

    IamZed ...

    I can only be monotonous. This will get out of hand.
  9. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    Politicians run all the governments... including the US.
  10. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Bingo.. Wouldn't trust the US government with one as much as any other. ;)
  11. FrankF

    FrankF #55170-054

    I too have a problem with that. The stakes (many lost lifes) involved in war are too high for me to support a war based on the U.S. lame ass claims that there is proof, but won't share it.

    I face the same crap at home... "Dad, Derek stole $10 from me. I didn't see him do it... and I wasn't home when he did it... and the money isn't anywhere in his room... and he didn't buy anything that costs $10... but I know he did it... I have proof! Look at him, he looks guilty. He has two other brothers who could not have done it. So punish him Dad, I know it was him". (Yeah right).:rolleyes:
  12. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    I feel they would make the case before going to war, but they needed to build up the military forces before doing so. With each carrier group heading that way, we get closer to the time to make the case.

    Do they have the evidence, yes.

    Is it enough to satisfy everyone, no.

    Will it satisfy enough, we'll see.
  13. Coriolis

    Coriolis Bob's your uncle

    Just thought I'd toss this out there for ya'll to pick apart at your liesure, but there is possibly a <A HREF="http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F20911FA38590C7B8DDDA10894DA404482">very good reason</A> for the Bush admin to keep us in the dark about how they know what weapons Iraq possesses. It's difficult to say how much stock to put into <A HREF="http://www.counterpunch.org/boles1010.html">reports like these</A>, but if true, it would explain the secrecy. I'm interested on what your take on this is.

    Edit: it occured to me that the first link probably requires a NYT subscription. If so, and you don't subscribe, no worry -- the second link pretty tells the same story, but with a bit more, umm, color. ;)
  14. martissimo

    martissimo Veteran Member

    of course the reason for their trepidation could be quite simple....

    i watched an interview with one of the people who used to be on the old (90's) UN inspection teams. he said that the US gave them info on a site where they would be sure to find some disturbing weapons that needed to be destroyed, but by the time they got there the site while obviously dubious had been sort of cleaned up. His explanation was not that it was just some sort of bad luck, he insists to this day that the VERY limited team of people who had access to this info had a leak and that one of their people delibirately leaked this info to Sadamm's people!

    I'm sure this info is just as dubious as what you "toss out", but it surely makes you contemplate why the US would perhaps consider not just giving inspectors the info on everything they know if you ask me!
  15. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    But I'm not speaking of giving secret information to the inspectors (there has been more than one incident where a leak from inside the inspection teams has been suspected).

    I'm talking about the US sharing it's proof with the governments/intelligence communities of other countries; Canada, the UK, NATO and the US share top-secret info all the time without it reaching the "bad guys". Why not this time?
  16. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    Timing, Advocat.

    The public is a fickle thing to appease. If the timing isn't right, the impact wears off and the public doesn't support the effort. We're a "now" society.

    It also makes sense from an intel standpoint. You don't give up your hand, because then the Iraqis know what you know.

    Oh, and the very second that you bring outside government intelligence agencies into the mix, you're leaked. These outside communication lines are already known to the US intel agencies to be full of holes. You're making an assumption that the information passed will be safe. That's just not the case. All things in good time.
  17. IamZed

    IamZed ...

    Mission creep. That is what stopped GWs father. It is the greatest fear of the military, and the greatest mistake you can make, bar none. The first Bush laid down an edict that Sadam would leave and go home and perhaps get beat up real hard in the offing. We found ourselves at the door to the kingdome faster than we expected.
    But that was not our mission.
    Patton wanted to throw the machine at hand against the Russians when his mission was accomplished. He had to be dispensed with.
    We are fighting against a hatred that is multi national. When we gain the given and immediate victory over Sadam, we will be standing in the middle east with the whole machine.
    I can only be repetitive. This will get out of hand.
  18. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    That's one of the better arguements I've heard... provided the US was shooting (pardon the pun ;) ) for public support, rather than the military/political support of allied countries.
  19. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Passed Away Aug. 19, 2006

    Check out:

  20. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

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