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February PC Build Competition

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Techie2000, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    February PC Build Competition PRIZE NOW: $1000 GAD for the WINNER!!!

    <B>I need another judge. If interested feel free to PM me or post here.</B>

    Goal: Build a rig that you would take to a LAN party.
    Budget: $1000 USD

    $300 Global Affairs Dollars for the winner + The difference between money spent and the budget
    $30 Global Affairs Dollars for each entry

    All prizes are paid in full at the end of the contest.


    <u>Rules</u><LI>One entry per person, per round.</LI><LI>Once you click submit that is your final entry for the contest and you cannot change it.</LI><LI>Once you have your entry completed PM me the setup. Once the contest is over (three weeks from the post) then I will post all the entries.</LI><LI>Any parts that you can give me a link to verify the price of are permissable. In fact I want links to all the parts from the stores to verify that the setup is valid. Not permissable are any parts that they sell to you that they state were used/returned and they haven't tested to see if they were working. Also any parts that you claim you already have or are getting from a friend such as that old floppy drive in the attic cannot be used.</LI><LI>As far as the operating systems go you have to pay for it, except I will allow you to use Linux, FreeBSD, or other free OS for free. However the Free OSes won't always be the best for the job</LI><LI>Shipping and taxes are seperate from your budget so no need to worry about them</LI><LI>You may only purchase parts from up to 5 different stores</LI>

    <u>Hints</u><LI>Keep a look out at deal sites such as Techbargains.net</LI><LI>Accessories can add a finishing touch to your system and can be what makes you a winner in a close match.</LI><LI>People at LAN parties not only like to have good systems to play games but to have a rig that looks nice</LI><LI>You are going to a LAN party so portability is important. That 21" CRT will be killer to move.</LI>
  2. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Submission Template

    Please make sure you do <b>not</b> check automatically parse URLs...
  3. Twingo

    Twingo Registered User

    sweet ... i'm already thinking of what to make :) Should be an easy setup really. Mine will be cool :) muhahahahha
  4. wapu

    wapu Veteran Member

    I have been curious, Say a super blowout CPU deal is only for three days, How do we factor that in? Do all of the components have to be priced on the same day? Otherwise, cool.
  5. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Nope. As long as the price is valid for a certain amount of days your fine...
  6. wapu

    wapu Veteran Member

    Cool! I will be on the look out then.
  7. mrRT

    mrRT Tech Mod


    Another contest....

    I love these things....heheheheheh

    Good Luck All
  8. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Official WARNING: There are only days left, and I've only gotten one entry so far!
  9. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Let's raise it a bit to 1000 GA dollars for the winner and 100 GA dollars for each legitimate entry.
  10. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Sounds good. Your the ATM...;)
  11. Wacko

    Wacko Helllllooo Nurrrse

    Come on guys/gals where's your competitive spirit? Maybe they heard that I built the ultimate system;), and are to afraid to even try...:p

    The gontlet has been laid down will their be not one challenger???
  12. fritzmp

    fritzmp Fire Fire For Effect

  13. martissimo

    martissimo Veteran Member

    edit lol just read the instructions
  14. martissimo

    martissimo Veteran Member

    edit: but just a tip for fritzmp, he asked in the first post for the entries to be PMd to him, might wanna just edit your post out and send him a PM like i just realized lol ;)
  15. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    Okay the contest is closed.

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