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Eve Online: New Player's Review after 4 days

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by ethics, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

  2. Andy


    Wager One million Quatloos he rage quits in another week :p

    Seriously though. They have polished this game a lot over the last 3 years ive been on and off.
  3. Andy


    My only advice if you do try. Do ALL of the tutorials and only ask for help in rookie channel. It is a bannable offence to fuck with anyone in that channel only and any of the starter areas now. And never accept a trade, contract, guild or fleet invite

    Once you are out of rookie-space all bets are off.
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  4. Andy


    Fwiw.. my main is Caldari.

    This makes a difference based on what part of space each racial is in.. and if anyone here wanted to live in the part of space I'm in to get some help ;)

    I have an alt in Jita (main market hub) which is also my forum troll (never poast on your mainz) and another alt I started but never played that is Gallente.

    I am most attracted to the Gallente atmosphere that their part of space and the color of their ships looks like (each region has different nebula shading and Gallente is just flat out cool with the greens and browns)
    Where Caldari is Blue and grey, Ammar is golden-ish and Minmatar is red and rusty.

    I started out to be an industrialist miner but ended up being a mission runner that salvages 100% of my kills with my 'Noctis' Salvaging ship and reprocesses what I don't sell for a profit to build my own missiles.

    Each race also has a preferred weapon type and main damage resistance.

    Caldari are missiles but some ships do shoot guns.

    Others shoot guns, lazers PEW PEW and railguns.

    Once you complete the tutorials you are sent packing to do an epic mission arc for the Sisters of Eve.

    This will take you some 25+ jumps from home and kick your ass if you are not prepared.

    I was not and got my ass handed to me repeatedly on one of the last missions until I fleeted up and got help.

    These days I can take my Drake class Battlecruiser in and mop up the entire epic arc (you can repeat it every 90 days for faction points) in a weekend. It's some 80+ missions long.

    My main ship for level 4 missions is a Caldari Navy-issue Raven class battleship. It shoots cruise missiles and can 2-shot other NPC battleships.

    The biggest attraction I still have with this game is you can do whatever you want. Only the bitter vets will say you need to Pee Vee Pee or die, etc, but most I see in my area pretty much just mission, mine, "rat" (kill NPC pirates)

    It's a big damned sandbox with plenty of buckets and shovels around for the taking.

    Edit> and the only rule in EvE is "Don't fly what you can't afford to lose"
  5. Andy


    Websites to look at if you are interested:

    http://themittani.com/ A seasoned vet started this a while ago, he also has a streaming camera outside the main trade hub Jita to see some of the huge ass freighters in action, and a few battles now and again., http://www.twitch.tv/themittanidotcom

    Hellicity another vet.. http://www.machine9.net/

    I am doing her suggested adventures now of cheap exploring in her latest story

    EvE Survival. (SPOLERS!) http://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka=HomePage

    A must for missioners to know how to fit a ship for your specific mission and what to expect.
  6. Andy


  7. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Andy, what's the cost of the game itself and monthly fees? Didn't find much on their website.
  8. Andy


    it's in the account management section..

    1 month $14.95

    3 month $12.95 each

    6 month $11.95 each

    12 month $10.95 each

    You can also earn enough ISK (ingame currency) and buy a PLEX (pilot license extention) and apply it to your account for a month of gametime.

    They run around 450-500 million ISK each on the market, or buy them from CCP for $19.95 and lower in bundles and SELL them on the market to fund your endeavors faster.

    As a guestimate if you can do that route, most players don't earn that much a month until you are well into the 30 million skillpoint range running at least lvl 3 or higher missions.
  9. Andy


  10. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Dude, that's a lot of information. I love this type of depth in the game, something WoW got away from and something of what I LOVED about EQ. I will have a LOT of time come July but maybe I will take the time to read up on it as well.
  11. Andy


    Another site:

    This one contains maps to show the systems and how they connect in order to plan safe travel accordingly.



    Find the main trade hub Jita.

    I am a few jumps away in the next constellation (through Sobaseki) in Korama.

    The higher security level above .5 (HiSec) you are, the "safer" you are, anything in .4 and below you is considered LowSec and you will be lit up like a Christmas tree if you have no clue what you are doing. Anything below 0.0 is considered LowSec and is a no-mans-land OK corral Lord of the Flies burrito smothered in danger salsa.
    unless you belong to a LowSec corporation that holds sovereignty there, you are considered an invader.
  12. Andy


    When you start a character you are automatically placed in a "starter/beginner" corporation and will always belong to one, if you join (or start) a player run corp and quit, you default back to one of these starter corps.

    The starter corp you join is determined by your race, your bloodline and your career path. Each race has 4 starter corps that are located in 4 different 1.0 security systems in their region of space that are considered starter areas.

    Other players can get to them and attempt to trick you into dueling (which you WILL die and lose all your stuffs you have in your hold) which is technically bannable to grief noobs in these systems but many find ways around it now.

    If you have any loot/wrecks in space you haven't touched yet, anyone can try to take your stuffs before you do, if they do they are flagged as a criminal and can be shot, but you can also be flagged as suspect if you shoot first and you will be killed by CONCORD, the space police. They warp in within seconds and will one shot you.

    CONCORD also sits at the hi-sec gates and shoots anyone who has a sec status below -.5 but they can get away and have ways around begin shot to get into your systems and kill you.

    CONCORD will NOT save you or attack you quickly in LoSec and the lower it is, the less they will even care about anything.

    The color of wrecks and other players also comes heavily into play, white is yours, yellow is not yours and you can be flagged a criminal, red is belonging to someone at war with you and they will kill you without CONCORD intervention,.
  13. Andy



    Eve has sound.

    Eve still has an amazing soundtrack, but unfortunately the yanked out the jukebox that let you play any track at will a few expansions ago, now they only play certain songs depending on where you are in space.

    Which blows because EvE has some AWESOME tracks..

    Fortunately you can still get them on the Soundcloud channel.


    Just scroll down through them and hit the orange play button.

    I'd recommend hitting :"below the asteroids" "miner stories" "red glowing dust" "smoke from down below" and "theme of the universe" to get a feel of what Eve music was in it's heyday.
  14. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Wow, I love that sound.
  15. Andy


    I packed up a starter ship and jumped a few systems away to another Caldari Starter system in order to re-run the tutorial missions this weekend to get a feel for how a new player sees the game now compared to how they were ~3 years ago.

    First thing I found is the tutorials do a much better job of helping you understand how things work with an actual popup-walk through that has you click 'next' on each step along the way to make sure you know what the hell is happening.

    You are handed every ship you need although I found that in the advanced military track it seems they give you a ship that is missile capable, that will self destruct (you are not hurt) and the very next step they make you use missiles to kill something, even though the only missile capable ship you get the entire tile is now lying in scrap from the last mission.

    no biggie, just buy another of the same version in the starter station for cheap.

    I was able to rip through the 2 military tracks fairly fast as I already have tons of skills trained and some decent skill implants, but fro a new character you must wait out the training timer in order to pass to the next mission on many of them.

    The other thing I found is that for the industrial track, you have to build items fro a few missions, that sometimes require minerals you cannot mine on your own, no biggie, just buy them on the market to complete faster.

    I've finished the 2 military and am halfway through the industrial, next is "business" and "exploration" where they teach you how to use probes, hacking modules and data scanners. This whole system has changed completely in the last expansion and is the main reason I am doing a do-over.

    Each race has 4 starter systems and you can complete each school only once, each will add to that races faction when completed and these are a good way to repair bad standing with the 2 "enemy" races once you run missions and get on their bad side which will prevent you from entering their space.

    The other way to repair standing is the Sisters of EvE epic arc, the last mission you choose who you want to fight for, and it will boost you a few standing points with that race when completed.

    These can be repeated every 3 months.
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  16. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Downloading as I type this. We'll see how things look on the notebook and how well it plays.
  17. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

  18. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    So far I'm not very impressed. And with an i3 at 2.3 GHz and Intel HD3000 graphics, the notebook isn't too happy with the game. The intro cinematic was very rough as well.

    Game mechanics? Meh. Finished the first tutorial and so far am rather underwhelmed. I'll fiddle a bit more with it, but I honestly don't see this one lasting past the trial period.
  19. Andy



  20. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    He sure knows how to poo poo, doesn't he? ;)

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