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[SWTOR] End of SWTOR content/Beginning of Fallen Empire content

Discussion in 'MMORPG' started by Andy, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Andy


    I was able to get to lvl 65 before I hit even the Pirate planet in the Shadow Of Revan storyline.

    Because of that I was able to buy with common data crystals, Adaptive armor Purple gear with high-end mods already installed from those common data crystal vendors lurking around spacedocks, (I got mine on the planet where the Voices are speaking in your head and everyone is mad from the Emperor/Revan taking over their mind)
    You will need about 1000 crystals to fill out a whole set including implants, etc.
    Make sure to shop from the one that fits your class and play style, each carries a DPS and a Tank set or a DPS and a healer set. The sets are named accordingly. i.e. Force-Lord or Duelist.

    This gear I have found, is the best non-raid gear you can get above quest rewards or spending MILLIONS on the AH, even quest rewards I received from the Revan questline could not replace it (but you can swap mods in it for cosmetic or use a cosmetic slot if you like). I did use a weapon reward later on to replace my double-saber though and swapped out the color crystal, and I'm still carrying it going into the next Expansion chapter.

    Several weapon rewards you also should pay attention to, it says bound to LEGACY, this means you can give it to anyone in your legacy as long as it meets level requirements (including your companions) I was able to deck out my favorite companion with some of my set/quest gear and weapons as well for a better bad-ass look.

    I'm now at the threshold in my ship after finishing up Revan and the Emperor storylines where I have to click "Play" on my quest tracker to start "Kights of the Fallen Empire" storyline, SWTOR and Shadow Of Revan is completed on this guy, and WOW what a great story it was on my Sith Inquisitor/Assassin.
    I'm saving it for when I get back later today from taking my youngest to see the new Star Wars flick in a couple of hours.

    I can only imagine the other storylines I am interested in getting to this point, the Agent, Scoundrel, Trooper and Bounty Hunter.

    This game seriously turned itself around in the last few years, glad I made it back to see the new content with more coming.
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Yeah, I am actually surprised how addictive and fun this game is now. Amazing story lines, great combat system, decent PVE content. Fantastic Heroics.

    Btw, if you pick up 2+ Heroics, you can port right next to their entrance -- that bulb thing next to the quest is the port stone. Found out too late. :)
  3. Andy


    Without giving too many spoilers away for the latest expansion, I would say this:

    1. Be prepared to lose all of your companions temporarily, don't update to the new content while they are off on crafting missions like I did, they won't come back until much later in the story apparently.

    2. You do pick up new ones along the way, some familiar faces and some new ones. I got the hot blonde Sith I've been flirting with for quite a while now, and a guy that looks just like 'Warrick Brown' from CSI (minus the meth usage) along with the new HK-55 droid that calls people 'meatbags'.

    3. The entire run from the beginning of Chapt 1 to where I could safely log off near the end of Chap 2 was over an hour, and that was space-barring through a shit-ton of cutscenes, (they are relying heavily on cut-scenes here between fights.. almost toooo many in fact) make sure you have plenty of time before clicking the Play button on the new content chapter.

    I'm currently shipwrecked on a foreign planet and need to slug my way through a swamp.
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  4. Andy


    I had huge reservations due to how the chapters in KotFE seemed to be in rails as to what content was available afterwards.

    You get your ship back (minus the old companions) and end up with an alliance base on a planet in the far reaches, with quests galore there to run daily, etc, as well as be able to go offworld and work on more content.

    AFAIK you can't go back and finish any "old" quest content on the older worlds since they take away any unfinished quests when you upgrade to the new storyline but you can still visit them according the the Galaxy map, I'll have to see what content they do have now.

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