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Elite: Dangerous

Discussion in 'PC/Console Gaming' started by Biker, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    This looks interesting.

    'Elite: Dangerous' finally beams onto PS4 in Q2 2017

  2. Andy


    Some of the vids I've seen look great ( search the one where a guy was stranded in a system and another pilot flew for hours to rescue)

    Wish I had more time though to give it a fair shake.
  3. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Supposedly not due until Spring of next year for the PS4. You have time to free up your schedule. :D
  4. Andy


    If you're an Amazon Prime member, grab it NOW for $10 off!

    I just snagged it, as I have been very interested and been checking up on game footage and player's youtube videos.

    Now that it's out on PS4 and $10 off, no brainer.
  5. Andy


    Been playing a few hours now.

    Still in the training missions.

    Goddamned this is hard, after flying a ship with a PS4 controller for almost a year in NMS, I need to completely retrain my brain on how the ship handles with these control layouts.

    So far, I've managed to be able to take off and travel/land in an opposing station without launching myself through the wall in the docking bay, and be able to stay alive long enough in the combat sim to wax 2 ships to complete.

    Haven't even made it to the "real" part of the game yet, but it is quite stunning.
  6. Andy


    Spent several hours over the weekend learning to fly better and not die.

    Found a space outpost that has external landing pads and did a few dozen touch-and-go's, and it went a lot smoother once I found the option to turn on a reticle dot on the center of the cockpit view (no idea why this is not on by default!)
    This helped get a better line up perspective of the landing pads...

    and to remember to turn on alternate flight controls that can move you over X Y and Z axis with one joystick while landing on the pads.

    Still having trouble with the huge space stations you need to fly into while it rotates a la 2001 Space Odyssey, the hard part is lining up to the spinning end when dropping out of light speed, but at least i'm not launching through the walls anymore. in the live game mode you get fined for damage or loitering in the space port too long, if you hang out blocking the airlock too long, they blow your shit up! lol

    Currently sticking with "space trucker" missions, take X of these to system Y to gain credits and upgrade my default ship, and playing in Solo mode, so as to learn the game and only have to deal with the NPC's for now.
    Been jumped (interdicted) several times and still came out alive with my precious cargo to deliver. If you fail or lose the cargo, you get billed.

    Great feature that, you can switch between solo and normal modes with your save and not lose anything, you can also do a private group and play with just friends.

    Several ways to play, explorer (planets and systems, you get paid for discoveries) fighter/bounty hunter, trucker, or be an asshole pirate.

    So far, a lot of fun and a good distraction until the No Man's Sky "update" happens in August?
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  7. Andy


    Finally earned enough shuttling cargo 2 pieces at a time as well as other intel missions to have twice as much as what I need to upgrade to next level ship.

    Picking up a Cobra MkIII later today once make the 3 jump trip to the station that sells them. :D

    Cobra MkIII

    Then I can move ~12-16 stacks of cargo at a time, and be able to shuttle passengers for cash as well if I equip a passenger cabin mod..

    My rule of thumb will be to have at least twice as much on hand before buying a next level ship so as to be able to afford insurance and upgrades.

    Same rule here applies as EvE "never fly what you can't afford to lose" but for here it's "Never fly without having enough to cover Insurance" which seems to be ~10-15% of total equipped value.

    Still playing in Solo mode, hanging out within 10 jumps of the starter area until I have a Million in the bank, which is plenty fine for me.
  8. Andy


    Over last couple od weeks, I've spread my wings and ventured out to the black. Doing gathering missions for the Engineers you unlock. First leg sent me ~100 jumps away to get mats. Spent the 1 mil on the advanced system scanner and it paid for itself thrice in exploration data sold on my first trip.
    Now working on second one and have another 100 jump trip ahead. Takes about an hour and a half to jump these in total, fuel scooping along the way to get free gas from stars.

    Saving a bit more to graduate to an explorer ship as this is my favorite career tree.

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