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Duke Lacrosse case

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by cmhbob, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    And now, the news today says that Nifong has been disbarred.

    This is good for one reason only. Despite what we as a society fuck up to holy hell, sometimes we manage to get it right. Nifong deserves his punishment. The young men are vindicated, at least to a degree. I hope - but don't expect -for it to serve notice to the rabid mob.
  2. MNeedham73

    MNeedham73 Well-Known Member

    You know what gets me? That the stupid SOB STILL thinks that the players are guilty of something.

  3. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    What a total fucking retard. I can't believe this man rose to the top, and that he was elevated there by his superiors and peers. There's more to this than just Nifong, but the guy is totally out to lunch, totally deluded, and is practically a poster child for American-style leftism. They're white, so they must pay, even if they did nothing!

    Makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    Nah... rejoice, Steve! Today we got it right!

    The cocksucker was exposed. Justice prevailed, this time. Today we should celebrate, not be sick. There are plenty of other opportunities to be disgusted, but not today.
  5. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    You know what, I hope the net gets cast farther. Whomever supported Nifong in this outlandish assault inside the DA's office should get hammered, too.

  6. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    If the accused had not been from wealthy families would the pressure have been able to be brought for justice to have occurred?
  7. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    Probably not.
  8. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    I am not intimately familiar with the North Carolina State Bar. But in reviewing their web site they seem about 90 percent wise the same as the State Bar of CA, of which I am intimately familiar with!

    Nifong was a total fool. Strictly from the State Bar charges he had a real chance to not be disbarred if he had just been smart.

    He should have been fully overtly cooperative with the State Bar Investigators. (Instead he got caught lying to them.)

    He should have shown unqualified remorse for his actions, (whether he actually was or not), and offered as much mitigation as reasonably possible.

    Given that he was a first time offender and a District Attorney he quite possibly could have gotten something like a three year suspension of his license to practice law and then two or three years of probation after his suspension expired and he resumed the practice of law.

    Staying with the DA's office was never a practical option.

    Strictly in the context of the State Bar action against him he had really only one disbarment LEVEL issue in of itself which was the failure to turn over or reveal the DNA evidence to the defense. And the big nexus there was his action or inaction willful?

    But no the moron instead lied to the investigators which is on par with lying to SEC investigators ala Martha Stewart, and he offered little or no remorse.

    Dishonest, incompetent and over jealous over charging DAs are the most under reported causes of a screwed up justice system.

    As I said before, when I was young I thought that I could never be a lawyer and defend criminals that I knew to be guilty. After working with the Los Angeles District Attorneys Office, the City of Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, the California Medical Board investigators, and the US Attorney's Office I changed my mind completely. Now if I were a criminal defense attorney I would have no qualms about defending criminals I knew to be guilty.

    Nifong is scum. He deserved what he got. Those kids will never be made whole again.
  9. MNeedham73

    MNeedham73 Well-Known Member

    The first of the settlements have been reached. Doesn't sound like this one even saw a courtroom.

    Seems that the university was quick to settle. Although, I don't see any apology from the university for the hateful statements made by members of the staff.

  10. Copzilla

    Copzilla dangerous animal Staff Member

    I guarantee you that the university shelled up some HUGE money to keep that one from going to trial. Can you imagine what that would have done to Duke? The deplorable actions of its staff coming to trial in full media glare? No no no... much better to pony up a few million, and I'll wager that was about the agreement right there.
  11. Andy


    Sooo.... when does this 'dancer' get charged with filing false police reports in the first place?
  12. Plunge

    Plunge Passed Away July 20, 2007

    Looks like Nifong's problems are only beginning!

    Former Duke University lacrosse player Reade Seligmann, who had been cleared of charges he and two teammates raped a hired stripper, says he feels sorry for disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifongs family but not necessarily for Nifong.

    Seligmann says he was hurt by Nifongs statement last week at a North Carolina bar disciplinary committee hearing that the former prosecutor still thinks something happened in that bathroom at that now-infamous team party last year.
    Nifong is a complete MORON for that blunder of a statement.

    Meanwhile, attorneys for Seligmann and the other two exonerated men, Collin Finnerty, 20, and David Evans, 24, are preparing to file a civil lawsuit against Nifong. The bar association found that Nifong withheld evidence that would have helped the mens defense attorneys and lied about it.
    I hope they rape him like he raped them!
  13. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    Poor, Poor Nifong...Burn In Hell, Peckerwood!

    DURHAM, N.C. - Disgraced former prosecutor Mike Nifong acknowledged Thursday there is "no credible evidence" that three Duke lacrosse players committed any of the crimes he accused them of more than a year ago, offering for the first time a complete and unqualified apology.

    "We all need to heal," Nifong said. "It is my hope we can start this process today."

    Nifong's apology came as a judge began considering whether to hold the former Durham County district attorney in criminal contempt of court for his handling of the case.

    Superior Court Judge W. Osmond Smith III has already concluded there is probable cause to believe Nifong "willfully and intentionally made false statements of material fact" to the court during a hearing in the case last fall. If he finds Nifong in contempt, the now-disbarred former prosecutor could face up to 30 days in jail.

    "We all need to heal," Nifong said. "It is my hope we can start this process today...and that my ass won't be hammered like a piece of gang-raped pork in a run-down Chinese restaurant," he didn't go on to say.

    What an AH.

    Read all about it at Nifong Admits He's a Lying Opportunist Who Even Lawyers Hate

  14. jfcjrus

    jfcjrus Veteran Member

    Yup, and folks wonder why I sometimes go to great lengths to stay as far away from the <i>judicial system</i> as I can get! ;)

    It's a world very far removed from what many of us view as everyday life.
    They have rules that defy common sense!
    It's a world where anyone <i>of authority</i>, can ruin an innocent common citizen's life and not be sent to jail for it!
    I think there's something wrong with that.

    Sorry for the rant, yup I agree .... an AH! ;)
  15. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    The case is over but people are still talking about and some are even writing books. Dr. Helen has a review on one of the books.

    Excerpt from the review:
  16. ravital

    ravital Banned

    From one of the comments:
    What makes the newly empowered so dangerous is that they think that they are still the victims.
    Almost, almost right on the money. "They think they are still the victims" makes it seem as though they're making an innocent mistake, or they're having difficulty thinking of themselves as empowered and not victims anymore. In fact, they want the entire world to believe they are victims, while preserving the newly acquired power.

    "I am Woman, I am invincible, I can do anything! (ooops... there's a courthouse) I am weak! I am vulnerable! I need protection!"

    That's what it's been about for decades now.

    And that's without talking about the race and money angle of it. That's been going on even longer.
  17. MNeedham73

    MNeedham73 Well-Known Member

  18. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Yeah, I know, holy resurrection. :)

    Well, you will be interested to know that:

    The woman who was at the center of the phony Duke lacrosse rape case was arrested today and charged with attempted murder.

    The Durham Police Department told ABC News that Crystal Gale Mangum got into an argument with her boyfriend, Milton Walker, shortly after midnight on Thursday.

    The arrest warrant claims that Mangum, 33, scratched, punched and threw objects at Walker before taking all of his clothes and setting them on fire in a bath tub. Firefighters were sent to the home to extinguish the blaze.

    Police said they had to evacuate three children, ages 10, 9 and 3, from the apartment because of the fire. It was not immediately known whose children they were.

    Mangum is charged with first-degree attempted murder for communicating a threat because she allegedly told Walker in front of officers, "I'm going to stab you [expletive]!"

    She was also charged with five counts of arson, simple assault, identity theft, damage to property and resist, delay and obstruction of justice. In addition, she faces three counts of child endangerment.

    Mangum is being held without bond and her first court appearance is scheduled for today.
    K C Johnson, author of the book on this case, Until Proven Innocent[​IMG] has more at his blog, Durham-in-Wonderland.
  19. mikepd

    mikepd Veteran Member

    I can understand the identity theft charge-- she has clearly lost her mind and needed to find someone else's.
  20. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Two things.

    ESPN has a show 30 for 30 which is fantastic. I don't think I've seen a bad (or even an ok) one yet. They are all fantastic. The latest? The Duke Lacrosee rape. You guys have to see it. It's one of those things you can't imagine even after reading and following the case.

    Second: This awesome profiler. 10 Appalling Moments From The Duke Lacrosse Case

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