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Don't we have to vote for last weeks post of the week?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Techie2000, Nov 10, 2002.

  1. Sunriser13

    Sunriser13 Knee Deep in Paradise

    Ummm, folks? Isn't this discussion forum by its very nature a place to post one's opinions?

    Just because we may disagree with a particular poster on certain aspects of any subject does not mean the post is any better or worse for its mere existence. Opinion in and of itself is never wrong... it is opinion. Whether or not you agree with that opinion is what this forum is all about, IMHO. That's where discussion, argument, and perhaps even UiF comes into play.

    I can't think of any one of you with whom I agree all the time. Conversely, there is also nobody I disagree with all the time. That is the beauty of this community, and it is my belief that this give and take is what brings us all closer in the long run. That is also one of the biggest reasons most of us came to GA in the first place.

    Stifling opinion borders on the censorship we all vehemently abhor...
  2. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    I do not blame anybody for disagreeing. The matter of disagreement can bother me. And posting venomous words one day and a nicely worded post the next does not erase the first. I am sorry for those who got the impression my objection to post of the month was due to disagreement with content. On of my favorite movies is The American President. The ideals are very well put but I still disagree with them. Ken has the ability and convictions to post very eloquently when the mood suits him. I cannot forget the venom and name calling so easily.
  3. Sunriser13

    Sunriser13 Knee Deep in Paradise

    I see, Shiny. Perhaps I missed the specific words of which you complain. From your hurt and anger, I think I'm glad I did...
  4. bruzzes

    bruzzes Truthslayer

    where is Rodney Dangerfield opps Rodney King when we need him?

    Sorry Ethics, I thought this was the thread where we nominate posts. The other content belongs in the UIF forum.

    As Sunriser has said we agree to disagree here; but with some form of decorum and respect.

    Oh well, this too shall pass...

    i can only hope.
  5. -Ken

    -Ken Guest


    I would ask you to point me to the exact thread
    which you feel directly insulted you. It is my belief
    you misunderstood my intentions. I could easily be
    wrong. If I owe you (or anyone else) an apology, I
    will gladly tender it.

    Do I sometimes go over the edge? Probably. Your
    choices are to call me on it, debate it or ignore it.

    I see neither.

    If you've got a bone to pick with me, you know where
    the UiF forum is as well as I do. To my recollection, (I'm
    getting old now) I do try to show you respect because
    you've earned it. But I have never ran away from a fight
    before and I'm probably too stubborn to start now.

    This crap that I won't listen to your reasoning
    and that I won't change my opinions and beliefs
    makes me feel like I must subscribe to the party
    line, <i>which I abhor.</i>

    If youve got a point to make, make it. I know you
    have the ability to get your point across as I have
    felt it before. But this whining has got to stop. Either
    scream, talk or leave me alone.

    <i>And, I cant tell you how much I
    hated to type that but I took your
    advice and reread it before I posted.</i>


  6. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Check out the UIF forum under Iraqi Work Force and, of course, the Iraqi Work Force thread. You will note I was not the only one who took offense at what you said. Maybe I am the only one who remembers but in that thread I explained why it was over the line and will not easily be forgotten.

    When you posted the venomous threads against Haywire I objected to your personal attacks.

    So please, don't act like this is a surprise to you or that you have no idea what I am talking about. I doubt your memory is that bad.
  7. -Ken

    -Ken Guest

    I can be more childish than you can!


    I'm not playing this game with you.
    It bothers me that things are this way
    but it probably is a good parallel to the
    discussion at hand.

    Why don't you show me and everybody
    else just how effective it is when two
    people decide to punch each other
    (not literally) into being friends.

    I suspect it will never happen.
    Out of respect, I will treat you
    and your posts as non-entities.
    What stupidity!
  8. midranger4

    midranger4 Banned

    Enough already, this shit is getting old folks ;)

    Does that qualify as *post of the week*?

  9. Folks, I'm not sure that debating the worthiness of a nominated post in this fashion is the best way to attain the result. Maybe the nomination of other posts and supporting arguments is more effective.

    If anyone is having issues regarding slights or insults, or the perception of them, it might be better suited for discussion in UIF.
  10. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Is discussion of the nominated posts allowed or not?
  11. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    By all means.

    I've moved the thread out of BNA in to a more appropriate forum. I blame myself for not doing this sooner.

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