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Digital camera...I'm stuck, need help

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by cdw, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Ok, so, ...lol.

    I'm trying to install the software for the camera.
    It says to install the solution disk, and I followed those instructions... it installed the stuff. Then it says take it out.
    Attach the USB cable, done. turn the camera on. done.
    then... install the TWAIN driver. says a disk dialog box should appear. It doesn't. Now what? And what the heck is the TWAIN driver? Is that something that came off the solution disk or are they talking about the arcsoft camera suite.
    I be confused. I need some help please.
    and.... go slow. :)

    Edit: I'm on windows 988
  2. midranger4

    midranger4 Banned

    This is an Olympus camera isn't it?

    I had the same problem on auto-install.

    Seek out the setup.exe within the twain directory...I do not recall the folder name but have the CD at home.

    If I remember correctly the twain driver was for joining multiple images together to create a widescreen shot of a target.
  3. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    It's a cannon PowerShot S330. I'm reading the book (confusing) as I'm going....
    Now I'm really confused because it says to have the camera hooked into a household powersource...but I don't see anything that came in the box for that. I dunno.... I'll have to fudge around here and hope for the best, lol.
  4. eakes

    eakes Registered User

    The household power source is an AC adapter (not included in the camera kit) bought separately. They recommend this because using the camera in this mode is real hoggish on battery power.
    I assume your objective is to transfer pictures from your camera to your computer. Save yourself a lot of grief and buy a card reader. It plugs into a USB port on your computer. Plug the CompactFlash card into that and the CF card shows up as a harddrive on your desktop. You can now drag and drop picture files to a HD on the computer. It works a lot faster than downloading thru the camera.
  5. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Will I be able to use it with the software that they gave me, the Arcsoft Camera Suite? I think the TWAIN driver only has to do with getting the stuff out of the computer? I'm so confused, lol.
    It's really difficult being computer challenged ya know. I think there should be grants for people like me..... :nut:
  6. eakes

    eakes Registered User

    The software they supply with the camera is in two 'pieces'. One offloads the picture files from the camera to the computer. The other lets you alter the pictures once they are in the computer.
    If you use a card reader to get the picture files to the computer, then you can use the picture modification software provided with the camera to work on the pictures.
    If your really want to get fancy, get a full blown version of PhotoShop to manipulate the pictures. That might be overkill but you can do a lot with that software.
  7. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Ok, last question, I swear. (yeah right, lol)
    So, what I want to purchase then is a Universal USB or Digital Film reader? And I can get the cheapest one, right?
  8. eakes

    eakes Registered User

    They come in several different flavors. The one I have is for CompactFlash only and cost me $20 at Frys. I bought a different one for a friend, CF only for $6. There are others that will read 5 or 6 different types of cards. The multiple card readers range in price from $20 to $40. All have USB connection to the computer. I believe I have seen some with USB II connection, but you don't need that.

    As a start go to Outpost.com and search on: card readers
    You will see a good range of cards and prices
  9. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Thanks much eakes. You have been a god send. I just called Radio Shack and they said they have what I need for $20.00.
    That's cheap enough.
    Thanks again to everyone for the help. Wouldn't know what to do without ya!! Literally.
  10. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

    Ok I just bought the S230 and I had a similar problem. When I plugged the usb in it said insert windows 98 cd. then I did and it found something, then it was asking for another file that wasn't on the 98 cd. Well I took it on my own to get the installation cd back out and search for the file there and found it in twain on the cd. Just click away on every file on the install cd if you have to, using the browse. I just went through this yesterday actually. LOL

    As I'm reading back here I see you had no box pop up saying installing twain driver. I had none pop up either. It just came up with the box searching for files when I connected the camera to comp using usb. If you found those two files and didn't skip them, then you should have the driver isntalled. Run the Zoom Browser and file/import images from camera. You'll see the option for file and then import on the toolbar up top to the left. I already had a twain driver on my computer because I have a scanner that uses twain. Myabe you might have something already using twain too and that's why we didn't get any dialog box saying it's installing now.

    Your twain driver would be on your solution disk. It was where I found the file that wasn't on the windows disk.
  11. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    I'll re-read this tomorrow and try it out.. I got no box pop up at all... nothing. When I tried to run the Zoom browzer with the camera connected, it said no camera connected. So. I'll try again and if it still doesn't work, I'll try buying the reader for the extra $20.00.... to me it's worth it just to stop feeling like an idiot. :)
  12. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

    This is the file that the install was looking for, after the windows cd was asked for. I had a feeling it wouldn't have been on the windows cd because it had a canon name and it just sounded like I might find it on their install cd. So I popped in the solutions cd and there it was. Canon.IncCAP_S230.inf

    This was the exact path that I had to take, which took me to a folder named twain in software, that I knew this had to be the twain driver. I'll explain it as I go so that you understand if you're not good with paths.

    Search the solutions cd for the software folder, then to to the twain folder, then go to the english folder, then go the win_2k98 folder and Canon.IncCAP_S230.inf is in there. It's got to be the twain driver because it lives in a place that is called twain. The install never told me to pop in the solutions disk, this was supposed to be on my 98 cd and there was no hint that twain was about to be installed, so I'm assuming that my hunch to pop in the solutions disk at that moment, was correct. And my book didn't tell me this was going to happen. It said that there would be a pp up that would say install twain now? So it's not just you this happened to ;)


    Ok to make this a little easier, I found the drivers available for download at the canon site. Try and install them from there. http://www.powershot.com/powershot2/customer/driverdown.html

    Yours would be the S330 for 98 http://www.powershot.com/powershot2/customer/UTW_PS_S330_430.html

    Good luck :)
  13. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    ROFL... WTF. Here I am thinking, oh, cool, an easy way... and I go to the website and start to go into the download and....BAMMM... I get the little box with the little box, little circle and little triangle. So, I say, ok, let's try the right click... but it won't work because they have the friggin' license agreement in between. Too much I tell ya.

    I"m gonna print out the other instructions you gave me and when I can't do that either, I'm going to the store to get the card reader. :nut:

    Thanks so much for all of your help. I'll let ya know how it turns out.
  14. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

  15. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    I don't know why I said the 330... I have the S200. I swear I gotta get it together...
    can you put a link to that? I'm soooo sorry, lol.
  16. Violet1966

    Violet1966 Stand and Deliver Staff Member

  17. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    Ok, so I right clicked...save target as....unzipped.
    Now, what, I just hook up the camera and go?
  18. eakes

    eakes Registered User

    Good morning Cyd. I got up this morning downloaded the Twain files from Canon intending to come here and point you in that direction. But I see that Violet got you there already.
    Once you unzip the downloaded files, you now need to go to a folder named Canon on your C drive. In that folder will be another folder with a strange name. Open it. Open the English folder inside that one then double click on the Setup file. This will load the Twain files. Once they are loaded it instructs you to connect the camera.
  19. cdw

    cdw Ahhhh...the good life.

    ok, i went through my computer, did as you said and followed instructions.
    It said I already had the twain loaded in. I proceeded with the installation anyway, it uninstalled and reinstalled. I got to the box that said it's done, connect the camera.
    I did that and closed the box. Nothing happened. I then went to the Arcsoft program and told it to download from the camera.
    It said no camera is dectected. So, somehow I don't have the camera hardware thing listed... i'm sure you know what I mean... like when you hook up a new printer? so now what do I do?
    lol, I'm so sorry, really. But I am really computer challenged.
    I can't thank you guys enough. Also, do I HAVE to get the power source? Is that the problem?
  20. IamZed

    IamZed ...

    I throw the disks that come with cameras out. For my first digital I bought a $14 USB card reader and the flash chip simply shows up as a hard drive. With my new one I just stick the chip in a slot on my laptop and it shows up as a drive.

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