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Damned iTunes wants me to always log into the iTunes store

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Susan Addams, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    All I find on the Internet when Googling is people asking the same damned question. Oops, I did it again
    I played with your heart, got lost in the game... No, wait, that's Britney Spears! ;)

    I'm afraid I'm starting an identical topic that leads to ... no answer. Now depending on how good our forum's SEO is people will land on my topic and they'll still not have an answer.

    Windows 7. iTunes latest ver. I launch iTunes and a window pops up wanting me to login to the iTunes store. I hit X and it goes away. Then 10 seconds later same box, same X. Every damned time I want to load my iPhone or iPad with new tunes.

    I can't figure out how to get rid of it. Just who is stupid enough to buy songs from Apple? That's like buying pine cones while visiting a pine forest. I've never given iTunes anything except one gift card so I could download apps that are not free. Talking about apps, most of the good ones are free anyway, e.g. your bank's online banking app.

    I'm sorry to admit that music just falls off the Internet into my computer. I swear I don't know how it got there. Maybe my computer has some virus that attracts music. ;) ;) ;)

    I sometimes buy CDs when one of those accidental albums gets attached to me and I like it so much I want a genuine copy of the CD. I just bought ZZ Ward "Til The Casket Drops." Her debut album. "The Storm" is good too. But I digress...

    I still have that problem that whenever I open iTunes I have to hit the X twice or login to a store I have no intention of buying anything at. It's like you want to buy a chainsaw so you google it and you're immediately jerked out of your living room into a chainsaw store. Stihl anybody? ;)

    I don't want to be jerked into the iTunes store unless I want to buy something from the iTunes store, and in the last 5 years since I went iPhone and iPad I've bought exactly one app, that's it!

    How do I get rid of the damned box in iTunes that forces me to hit X twice before I can use the program? In fact that there totally defeats the purpose of iTunes as a music player. It's annoying to start the damned software.

    If you want a music player use WMP with a regedit and Javascript to add a "Play with WMP" folder action to your Windows computer. Or just open the folder and select all, right click -> Play. Get foobar2000! (You'll need foobar2000 if one of those musics that falls into your computer is in FLAC format.)

    The only reason I even have iTunes on my computer is to load my portables.

    Hey staff, could you add a rant font to our forum editor? ;) ;) ;)

    Christ! Everybody wants to know how to shut the damned iTunes login boxes off their iTunes program, but nobody knows how to do it! It's almost as if Apple intentionally wants to jerk you into their store and hope you buy something. Ya think? :)

  2. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Sad to say it appears I ended up creating just another useless topic asking how to get iTunes to quit wanting me to connect to their store just to use the program. I've searched and Googled and Yahooed and all the topics always end the same: in defeat. Nobody knows how to shut this feature off, and I'm polite in calling it a feature when POS is more descriptive and accurate.

    It is too bad you can't just pour tunes in your iPhone or iPad like a flash drive instead of requiring iTunes to load it.* I guess iTunes is crapped out with DRM but on the other hand I have no DRM music at all.

    And this is just like Googling for a couch for a living room and suddenly being yanked into a furniture store. Kids, don't try this at home if you are not dressed for public. That would be really bad here in Chicago where the weather is way below freezing and I'm dressed as usual when I'm in slob mode (working from home) in just shorts and a T-shirt.

    This getting snagged into visiting the iTunes store makes their app so annoying it prevents me from loading music to my iPhone and iPad just because get so annoyed I want to smash things.

    *This gets especially annoying because my different Apple portable devices have difficult storage capacities which requires iTunes tricks to manage, where if each device was just a flash drive I could just use Windows Explorer to manage each device separately.

    Apple does some really good stuff, particularly with their hardware design but their software at least when running on Windows is really awful.

    Incidentally I've been trying to buy AAPL for the last few days, particularly since their stock suddenly dropped on the last trading day, for what reason I forgot now; I think holiday sales were lower than expected. I think also the X isn't taking off as quickly as the market expected. I'll maybe have another shot at AAPL today although I don't feel as strongly about them as I did about AMZN (Amazon) and PYPL (PayPal). I picked up a nice position in both recently and intend to hold them long term.

    I'm learning the difference between buying companies whose products I like vs. buying companies whose performance I like. For example I really like my Fitbit Alta HR fitness monitor, but Fitbit stock hit their all time limit 4 weeks after their IPO and no self respecting dog would sniff Fitbit stock.

    I still can't convince myself Apple is good long term (the stock) what with so many competitors making good products. I'm not so thrilled with Galaxy cells after hearing stories from friends about app squeeze (evidently their apps must go in internal storage and no amount of external storage will fix that). If true that's pretty bad engineering, compared to Apple's good engineering.

    I think with Apple it always comes down to the same thing as Jack FM's slogan: "Playing what we want." Apple does what they like and if you don't like it you can get off their bus.

    I forgot to add that I saw the iPhone 8 and liked it, but haven't seen the X yet. In a strange coincidence Windows skipped directly from Win8 to Win10, while apparently Apple skipped from the iPhone 8 to the iPhone X which I presume (perhaps erroneously) is the roman numeral X for 10.

    I heard a strange rumor, perhaps just off the wall, that Apple may shift their paradigm from a generational system to a modular system, although I can't quite explain. Like you could take the X and upgrade it but still have an X?

    I will be interested in hearing any comments on various iPhone generations particularly 7 (IIRC still being sold), 8 and X. My old iPhone 5 is still working fine and I haven't seen anything yet that makes me want to upgrade it.

    If anything I might upgrade to a later but not latest iPhone (to get benefit of the larger screen) and keep my 5 and jailbreak it just to have a test bed to see what jailbreaking gains me.
  3. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Don't use Apple products. Therefore can't really comment or troubleshoot on issues dealing with iTunes.
  4. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    No problem. There are a lot of annoying things about Apple and many people despise their products. But obviously there many people who like their products.

    I'm watching their stock today and wondering if I should buy in. I have nowhere near the confidence I did with Amazon and Paypal. The people who get really annoyed at Apple's haughty attitude are buying competing products and it shows in Apple's stock. They are today exactly where they were one month ago. Look at Amazon and PayPal and it's an entirely different story.

    I remember now what plunged their stock on Friday. Apple was accused of slowing down older iPhones on purpose to encourage purchase of new replacements. If true that is extremely deceptive if not outright unethical. I think they may have got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

    I actually had a BUY LIMIT #50 $170 active last week. It would likely execute if I placed it now since the market is hovering at $170. Now I'm just not so sure I really want them.

    I am considering buying an iPhone 8. Not the X though. That's for Apple freaks and I'm not one.

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