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Damn Movie Writers

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by ShinyTop, Nov 17, 2002.

  1. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Remember where I recently posted that I liked the fact that many movies were move like their books than before. Well scratch tht. I just watched The Sum of All Fears. It may be a while before I actually decide whether or not I liked it but at the momeent I am greatly disappointed. I do not see why this film could not have made a good movie following the book.

    When a book is not popular I can understand to some degree changing it some before making a movie. But Tom Clancey's are very popular. Will I recommend it to anybody. My first question to them will be, "Did you like the book?" If the answer is yes I will encourage them to pass on the movie. Damn, this pisses me off.
  2. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Really? I was actually looking forward to this one. Then again, Ben Afleck?
  3. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member

    Clancy himself hates the movies that are made from his books, the only real exception being THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.

    Hollywood essentially fucks up any good book. JAWS was a better movie than a book, but how often does THAT happen?

    I could go on and on about Hollywood at great length, but I think I'll spare you. Needless to say, I've been across the table from pinheaded devos with the life experience of the common fruit fly...and that's only the beginning.

  4. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Yes, I was anxious to see it. Ben does not do badly but if you liked the book you will be disappointed in this redition.
  5. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Steve, Black Hawk Down was decent movie, no?

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