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Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ShinyTop, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    What are the duties of a citizen? What does it take for you and I to be a good citizen? Are we good citizens? I know I am not as much a good citizen as I would want everybody to be. I dont spend enough time looking at local issues and I take little part in my community.

    Lets make a list, call it answers to a FAQ since many of us have at least a little geek in us. We can even call it what citizenship advice would you give your kids? Lets try to keep it politically neutral so we can avoid them vs us style debates.

    Ill start us off:

    Be informed. Go beyond the surface on issues. When a politician says it must be so and he guarantees, it look deeper. Any other exercise of your citizenship is wasted if you have not kept informed.

    Keep up with local politics. Know your local school board, your county commission, your city council. Big politicos start small. Hold their feet to the fire when they start. Make them fearful of the informed citizenry.

    When you get a jury summons immediately start figuring out how you can fulfill this obligation. How can we scream about jury verdicts when the best and the brightest consider it a joke to have to serve on a jury? I have served on both a grand jury and a criminal jury and they are enlightening and rewarding.

    Let your representatives know how you feel. Email, snail mail, telegram and your vote are all ways to let them know what you want, what you think we should do. Speak loud and often. Be concise so it will be read but be specific about your wishes if you want to be listened to.

    Encourage your children and those you influence to consider the military among their options after school. We want the military to reflect our values and yet we always want the other kids to join. It is an honorable and enriching experience if you let it be. Its also a waste of 3 years if you let it be.

    Look beyond self. We should always consider our own welfare when voting, but also consider what is good for the country when voting, when communicating with your representatives at all levels.

    Okay, I started with more than I meant to, so its your turn. What would you tell your kids about being a good citizen?
  2. Steve

    Steve Is that it, then?

    Vote. In every single election, vote. Don't like any of the candidates? Use the write-in option. Vote for the best person, not the least obnoxious one. Think you could do a better job? Write your own name in. But whatever you do, vote.
  3. jfcjrus

    jfcjrus Veteran Member

    A good topic, abet a little embarassing to many (most?) folks, I suspect.

    To wit:
    In your town, who (by name) determines how much you pay in 'local' taxes? Stumped? You fail.

    In your state, who (by name) controlls how much you pay in taxes?
    Stumped? You fail.

    Who is your (district's) representative in your State government?
    Have you EVER corresponded with him/her regarding your thoughts on an issue? If not, you fail.

    Do you have any idea WHOM you should phone, write a letter to, or email to voice your opinion? If not, you fail.

    Would such correspondence do any good? Who knows?
    But, I'm pretty sure of one thing; Grumping about something here, on GA, will not 'resolve' anything..

    Good point, Shinny (and <i>shame on you</i>, for not knowing who controls your life, locally)

    So, get 'involved' folks, it doesn't hurt!
    And, many times, you'd be absolutely stunned at what one letter or phone call to your 'representative' can do.
    So, if you haven't availed yourself of your 'representative', give it a try.
    (And if they don't help you out? Let it be known. And vote their ass out next time.) Simple.


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