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Carter Blames Israel

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    In Oslo to accept his Nobel Peace Prize, Jimmy Carter seemed to blame Israel for all the Middle East's problems. "One of the key factors that . . . arouses intense feelings of animosity in the world is the festering problem in the Holy Land, the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza and the inability of Israel to live in peace with its neighbors," <a href="http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story2&cid=578&ncid=578&e=8&u=/nm/20021209/ts_nm/nobel_carter_peace_dc">Reuters quotes him as saying.</a>

    Now, this could have been an actual poor choice of words. After all, strictly speaking it's true that Israel is unable to live in peace with most of its neighbors--but only because those neighbors refuse to make peace with Israel. <a href="http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/2562301.stm">In his acceptance speech</a>, however, Carter seemed to take another dig at the Jewish state: "Today there are at least eight nuclear powers on earth, and three of them are threatening to their neighbours in areas of great international tension."

    It seems likely that India and Pakistan are two of the countries that "are threatening to their neighbors." Here's a list of the remaining six nuclear powers: America, Russia, China, Britain, France and Israel. Guess which one of them Carter had in mind?
  2. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Passed Away Aug. 19, 2006

    Carter has always been a fool. Enough of a fool that even I voted for Reagan == to get rid of Jimmy and his band of Georgia goons.
  3. mikeky

    mikeky Member

    Well, using the same logic that branded Trent Lott a racist, isn't Carter anti-semitic?

    I imagine he didn't mean Israel was solely responsible, but do you think he will be taken to task for what he said? Or is the elder statesman allowed the occasional slip up?
  4. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Knowing Carter he might have been speaking about the US since the administration yesterday reminded the world we would use WMD if attacked by WMD.
  5. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    You know what? All of the professionals who are up to date on the politics of the Middle East concur that Carter's best days was what he has done for Israel and Egypt. The Nobel Peace Prize SHOULD go to him for THAT reason alone.

    The other stuff? No one really pays attention except for the people that agree with him. To him he is a blowhorn.
  6. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    Jimmy Carter = Old, pathetic <strike>ass</strike> fool

    'nuff said on the subject.
  7. jamming

    jamming Banned

    Did anyone hear about Gephardt going to a Confederate Racist Groups Picnics when he ran for office back in the 80's?
  8. LissaKay

    LissaKay Oh ... Really???

    Not picking at your post, Mike, just using your statement to launch my own question for those much more up-to-date and world affairs savvy ...

    Now correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't "anti-semitic" mean anti-Jewish religion or opposed to those of Jewish faith?

    If no, just overlook my naivete and carry on.

    If yes, then why is anyone who is politically opposed to the state of Israel and what they are doing as a country labelled anti-semitic?

    I was under the impression that the fight between Israel and the Palestinians was not Jew vs Christian/Muslim but a fight over the land and who it rightfully belongs to.
  9. mikeky

    mikeky Member

    You're correct; I was just stretching things to show how easy it is to spin towards a predefined conclusion if that's one's agenda.
  10. Sir Joseph

    Sir Joseph Registered User

    On a side note again:
    Being anti-Israel does not make you anti-semitic, but the Middle East conflict is not just a Arab-Israeli conflict, it's a Muslim-Jew conflict as well. How many times do the Muslims announce their intentions to kill Jews ANYWHERE, not just in Israel?
    On a side note, most people (at least the people I speak to) don't give a $#% about Carter. Just humor him and he'll go away.
  11. Omar

    Omar Registered User

    If I may. I believe he, as others, know that Israel is in more of control than Palestinians, hence the burden of blame.

    I do not necessarily think Carter is blaming just one side, and I certainly do not agree that he is anti-semitic.

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