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Canadians believe in divination

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Swamp Fox, Oct 28, 2002.

  1. Swamp Fox

    Swamp Fox Veteran Member

    A few years ago, a CIA study regarding psychics was published - it was the largest study of its kind ever done on fortune telling, with two statisticians - one who believed in this, and one who didn't - were involved in it.

    The study showed that there was some indication that the psychics could have that ability - they were shown 5 pictures, of which one was the real base, and asked which one was the real thing. On average, they scored better than 1 in 5.

    The statistician who believed in this said that this was evidence that there was psychic ability; but the skeptic said no, the study was flawed, and more studies were needed before such a thing could be established.

    Speaking as a trial lawyer, I would say the skeptic's conclusion was wrong. All studies are flawed, and, if he wanted to wait for the perfect, definitive one, he'll never get it - which means his skepticism would never be proven wrong. If he wanted to attack the study, he would have to conduct a similar study, but, since he presumably hasn't, he would have to go on the basis of the existing one.

    If this CIA study was reasonably concluded, and, if the results were not too flawed, then a judge would have to conclude that psychic abilities existed.

    And, now, it seems that many Canadians would agree with the CIA study. What do you think?

    Can you see the future?
  2. RRedline

    RRedline Veteran MMember

    Here's a list of some of the things things I do not believe in(in no particular order):
    <LI>Santa Claus
    <LI>Tooth Fairy
    <LI>Easter Bunny
    <LI>Boogie Man
    <LI>Big Foot
    <LI>Loch Ness Monster (but I do believe in the rollercoaster at Busch Gardens in Virginia)
    <LI>Fortune Tellers

    :nut: :nut: :nut: :nut: :nut:

    Comments, anyone?
  3. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Half that list is inaccurate. Big Foot exists, it's just an animal we know exists. Same thing for magic, vampires (a real disease), etc...

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