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California Democrats pitch business tax hike following Trump's tax cut

Discussion in 'Economy' started by Susan Addams, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Are they nut cases out there or what? Is there something wrong with the left coast that they can't see the stock market boom? I was just a kid the last time the market was doing this well, only back then I didn't know what a stock market was!

    They want to penalize the economy because Trump has kicked it up several notches!!!

    But it gets more and more nutter! Note the following article but I'll just give you the link:

    Effort to make tampons tax-free in California fails again

    Trust me, the article isn't worth reading (well it failed, right?) but get this: Those nutters in Sacramento want to penalize the economy to hell and give me something tax free to shove up my what??? {Yes, Suzy does sarcasm!}

    Jesus Christ, this could only happen on the left coast! And worse, I'm thinking of leaving the land of snow for CA's fine coastal weather and great lifestyle! In CA you drive or fly to the snow, and snow is only for skiing! (Skiing is the second best thing to... well, you know!) ;)

    By the way (and I prefer to not spell out my exact portfolio) but I made far more on the market yesterday than I did on my contract job, although of course my contract job is guaranteed to be paid while in the market we call it "unrealized profits." The market could take back my gains today but I don't think it will! {I'll tell you part of my portfolio: heavily into Amazon!!! AMZN was up $30 yesterday! Overnight trading is showing every indication that AMZN will open higher than yesterday's closing, I predict it will open around $5-$7 up.}

    I've been making far more money on the stock market for months now than I have on my job which is admittedly just contract and 20 hours/week. The only part I haven't figured out is that I can't eat my stock portfolio, and have to work this stupid job just to put food in my refrigerator and pay the mortgage. I have the whole rest of the big picture figured out and if Trump serves two terms and the stock market continues to perform I'll be a millionaire by the time Trump gets his library!!!

    But I ask you just this one question: Do the Democrats want the economy to fail? Is this some sort of weird wing nut Democrat plot to make Trump look bad (and fuck over our economy) so that they can get an Obama or HRC nutter into the Oval Office? I feel bad for poor Hillary because she and Bill bought the election a year before they even had the primaries, only America decided they hate politicians and picked the only non-politician on the ticket! Don't kid yourself, we didn't have a Presidential election, we had a referendum on what we think of professional (crooked) politicians!

    Hey Biker, where's that sarcasm font that I requested? ;) ;) ;)
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
  2. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

  3. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Biker, the sarcasm font thing was a joke! :)

    Well I was right about Amazon, I said they'd open $5-$7 above yesterday's close but I was being cautious.

    They opened up $10!!! Woo hoo!!! :D

    If I told everybody how much money I made overnight they'd think I'm in a different occupation! ;)

    Suzy does indeed work the street but the name on that street is Wall!!!
  4. MemphisMark

    MemphisMark Old School Conservative

    Not quite. Like petulant children refusing to give up a favorite but broken toy so it may be fixed, D's would rather exert a large measure of control over a small economy than have less control over a larger economy.

    Would you rather have 70% of $1, or 28% of $3? D's would rather take the former (70 cents) than the latter (84 cents). Because it's not about the money, it's about the control.
  5. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Yes and no, Mark.

    The entire Democrat strategy is to take down Trump even if it ruins our economy. In fact the one thing the Democrats cannot do without is a Trump failure and a failure of our economy! Can I make it any clearer? The Democrats NEED America to fail so they can take the Oval Office in 2020. That's their plan!

    Now that I've thought over your second paragraph, maybe that's yes and yes. The Democrat priorities place the DNC ahead of America. They are willing to destroy America to get back in the Oval Office.

    It doesn't take a genius to figure the whole thing out. The Democrats want control even at the cost of a failed America.

    Holy Christ! In just the time it's taken me to start this topic and type my second reply Amazon is up almost $16!!!

    The Democrats would kill the stock market to get back in the Oval Office. They'd kill Trump if they could figure out a way to do it without getting blood on their hands. Those people are evil!!!
  6. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    By the way, in my post above that was up $16 over today's opening. If I had added on the fact that it opened up $10 from yesterday's close that would have been up $26!

    As I type this AMZN is off today's peak but still around up $32 over yesterday's close.

    That is America on Trump! I'm willing to argue the point but I blame Trump for the stock market boom!

    That's what the Democrats want to kill. They even want to kill my portfolio! If you want me to do "bitch," trust me I can do "bitch" extremely well if I want to! You all know I love my gold, and the Democrats want Trump to fail, they want the economy to fail, they want to send me back to the poor house!

    BTW my normal work day is work on my laptop and AMZN live on my tablet. It's just crazy that I'm making more money on the tablet than I'm making on my laptop. Well... You know I'm typing on the forum, not working. I won't bill my employer until I begin work in earnest.


    Right now I'm up over $150/share from my weighted average purchase price! Just this one stock has turned my job into a bad joke! I should phone in work and tell them to finish the project without me, then phone my Realtor and have her put my condo on the market!
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
  7. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Retrospective of today: AMZN closed up $35.23 and Suzy made more just in one day than her contract job pays in a week! If you own 100 shares that's $3,523 gain!!!

    The only thing is that I have to stay in to keep going ahead. This is NOT money I can live off of. This is my future and I have to stay in the game!

    I learned another piece of the Amazon puzzle today. What are they going to do with Whole Foods Market? And what's this? They are starting a new "crypto currency" (not really, it's just a payment system competing with PayPal which I also have in my portfolio) and it's called "Amazon Pay."

    Picture this. You go shopping at WFM and put your items in your shopping cart. Then you bypass the cashier and push the cart directly to your auto, and transfer your purchases to your auto and drive off. (Hopefully you are a good person like me and return the cart to a suitable kiosk.) No checkout line. No cashier. No wait! Just grab your stuff and put it in your car and drive home!!!

    People, this is the future! You know that Amazon made a fortune on their two day guaranteed delivery {most of the time} if you are Amazon Prime! Two days was the quickest that our current delivery system can reliably support!

    Amazon is all about not having to wait. Amazon is instant gratification! This is what the tease about the drones was. Of course that won't work in today's system but who knows if they'll succeed in the future? I wouldn't bet against it. If we had Star Trek's transporter you'd be able to buy something on Amazon and have it materialize in your living room or front porch as soon as your credit card goes through!

    The future game of Amazon is clearing up now. It's WFM and toss it in your cart and bypass the checkout line and head for your wheels! You can bet your ass that when Amazon hits the brick and mortar, bye bye Sears! In the Amazon brick and mortar store you will simply throw stuff in your shopping cart and head for your car. No waiting!!! That is the future!!!

    I have most of my net worth on the nose of that great lovely giant lady Amazon!
  8. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    Just another attempt to take money from hard working Americans and buy votes from the lower classes
  9. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Say what?
  10. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    You heard me :)
  11. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Holy shit! The market just opened minutes ago and AMZN is up $15 from Friday's close! I can't type fast enough. $17.


    Up 18. By the time I get back from refilling my coffee cup I bet it will be 20.

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