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But I have to wonder the direction San Antonio is really taking

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Biker, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    This city used to be pretty conservative. Sure, there was a large Democratic base, but most everyone still held somewhat conservative or centrist views. I fear this is changing, especially with this.

    Homeland Security says Police Chief McManus refused help on human smuggling stop

    San Antonio police arrest accused immigrant smuggler, release immigrants

    I suspect what led up to this was the morons in the Texas Legislature going overboard with the "sanctuary city" penalties, which is causing some cities that haven't been known as sanctuary cities to rebel against the new rules. Whatever the reason, there's a lot of folks that aren't happy with SAPD right now. Oh sure, the liberals are literally dancing in the streets over it, but this isn't typical of what we normally see here.

    Hopefully it's not a harbinger of things to come. **sigh**
  2. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    Yeah I've been following this one, hard to say what happened without being there because as usual the two sides give conflicting stories. That being said San Antonio is a very liberal city and is pretty much a Sanctuary City

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