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Bush vs. Clinton

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Robert Harris, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Passed Away Aug. 19, 2006

    Bush the incompetent?

    The Bush apologists here will undoubtedly disapprove of the title of this thread, just as they will not approve of today's Maureen Dowd column. They reject (or ignore) all fact-based criticism of the gang in the White House. She is, in my view, however, right on target.

    Perhaps there is, to use a phrase popularized by another Republican, "...light at the end of the tunnel." :)


    Running Fast Into the Past

    [G] eorge W. Bush designed his entire political career and presidency to make sure he would never face this moment.

    The moment where he would pick up USA Today one morning midway through his term and read that his stratospheric approval numbers were dropping because more and more people think he is out of touch with average Americans.

    For the first time since 9/11, Mr. Bush's ratings have slipped below 60 percent in a new USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll that reflects growing unease with his approach on the economy and taxes, domestic policy and international threats.

    Craig Patterson, a 45-year-old ironworker in St. Louis worried about dwindling construction jobs, summed it up for USA Today: "I trust Bush with my daughter, but I trust Clinton with my job."

    It's equally hard to fathom the president's bipolar approach to nuclear threats. Yesterday he hurled new ultimatums at Saddam Hussein. "I'm sick and tired of games and deception," he said, even as he responded to Kim Jong Il's games and deception with pleas and promises to send food and oil to Pyongyang. There are inspectors in Iraq who are not finding nuclear weapons, while inspectors have been kicked out of North Korea, which has admitted to a nuclear weapons program.

    And where in the name of Rummy is Osama?

    More at:

    And on the point she makes about his dissimilar approach to Iraq and N. Korea, see:

  2. jamming

    jamming Banned

    More New York Times Editorial Opinion, trying to build their advertising revenues by requiring you to register for their website. I wish you use a decent newspaper that reports the news not editorial opinion in an attempt to make news.
  3. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Passed Away Aug. 19, 2006

    You completely misstate what I included in my post. The two URLs given are to the editorial page, and Dowd is a columnist while the cartoons are all editorial in nature, so there is no editorializing masquerading as news here. But while editorials may state opinions they also can contain facts.

    Address the facts, man. You do not have a single fact in your comment nor do you demonstrate that the facts in the Dowd column are wrong.

    I wish you, for once, could respond to the specifics with facts rather than simply regurgitating the same old ideological crap.
  4. jamming

    jamming Banned

    Then post the facts, instead of posting a link that requires me to support the New York Times financially, by registering so that they might earn revenue off the advertisements on their website.
  5. Sierra Mike

    Sierra Mike The Dude Abides Staff Member


    I'm not a fan of Ms. Dowd, but there's more than a bit of truth to what she says here. Thing is, I know Dowd is a bit far on the left side of the scale, so I have some trouble believing it in its entirety. :haha:

  6. Robert Harris

    Robert Harris Passed Away Aug. 19, 2006

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