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Bush Jr. Makes a Speech on Christmas Eve.

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ethics, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Transcript below:

    My fellow Americans,

    With the recent and still fresh memories of the tragedy on the September 11th, this world, not only our nation, changed in a very immoderate and very grave ways. Not one day goes by where I, or any of the people who are close to me, do not think of this horrible day. Each morning I get up, I ask myself what challenges are to be faced today, and I always hope, I, nor anyone of you, never have to endure a day like the clear September morning..

    As a chosen and elected leader of this country, I have no choice but to apply my people, who, in my opinion, are the best for this job, in to promoting ideas as to where we take measures and ensure this doesnt happen again.

    But however diligent we are, I fear, we will see another day like that, perhaps worse, but surely a day that will take us and challenge us, not only as Americans but as people as well.

    Since the Great War of 1940s, the United States has been a beacon for hope and freedoms. We have been openly promoting Democracy, and free market system throughout the world. We have applied Marshall Plan on Germany and our former enemies. A plan that rewarded instead of punished. We have also applied military protection to Japanese, the same nation that attacked us and pulled us in to the World War II. The US and its allies also helped Soviet Union. If not for the food aid immediately after the war, millions of Soviet people would have perished.

    Since then, we have helped numerous countries and its people. We were not always taking the right side, but perhaps with our role in International politics, we needed to be hasty in our support. Many times it was too fast and wrong. Id like to know that we have done more good than harm and I truly believe that we have, even with the best intentions and disastrous results.

    The United States has recently been rhetorically attacked for not doing enough for the Muslim community and other countries. Id like to point to the Palestinian peacekeeping we have attempted in Lebanon, which cost too many American lives. Id like to point to Egyptian Camp David accords, in which Mr. Jimmy Carter, A former US President, recently received his Nobel Peace prize for the involvement and doctoring of the accords. Id like to point to the pressure on both Iraq and Turkey regarding their Kurdish population. Then we can go to the African continent and point to Somalia. Which cost not only 3 billion dollars to the US taxpayer but also 19 US servicemens lives. All in the name of peacekeeping and feeding the hungry. Id like to point to Bosnia, and then to Albania, who were being exterminated by the Serbs (backed by a powerful country like Russia). Lets also not forget Kuwait, despite the accusations that we went there just for oil. I am not aware of any oil in Albania, nor Bosnia, nor Kurdish folk, which have yet to have a country of their own.

    What Id like to do after all this pointing is to ask what other country has done more for the Muslims than the US of A.. I do not mean to belittle our partners, who were also involved in many of the US operations, but to criticize the US for not doing enough is a fallacy and its time we admitted as such to the world, and to ourselves.

    This country was founded on freedoms and immigration. Immigrants were something that made this country so great. So many people were persecuted against in their homeland, it was their only choice in not only in survival but to succeed as well. People were happy to come to America and make this country what it is that you see before you. Its not perfect, perhaps it never will be, but its our home and we strive to make it better each and every day.

    Immigrants of the past came here to make a better place for themselves. With this attitude they made everyones lives better. It mattered not what the country of origin was, Italy, Ireland, Russia, Armenia, Iran, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Mexico, et al, it was what they did after they came here.

    Unfortunately, this has changed. People who despise freedoms, who want to harm our civilians, who want to attack our mothers, sisters, and brothers also want to live amongst us. People do not want to be Americans, but what they want to be is parasites. Living on the society and good wishes of others, while maintaining their distance and churning hate towards the rest of us to anyone who would listen. I am sure I am not alone when I say that there is a time when you have to say enough is enough. Id love to welcome those to this great house that want to be here, and not those that want to break down the very monumental foundations that our house of freedoms were established upon.

    With this address, Id like to announce that we will be totally and completely dismantling our Immigration and Naturalization Services. What will replace INS is a multitude of different branches of enforcing legal immigration, regulate illegal immigration, and making sure what we see coming over our borders are the people who want to make themselves greaterwhich will also promote the betterment of this country.

    The INS has been doing more impairment than good, not only for the illegal issues but mostly to those that want to come to this country legally. The process to come here legally has had so many hurdles that the staff of the INS did not know what was policy and what was illegal.

    With the new changes of the INS, we will also be changing the rules for those that wish to come here legally. The process will be more streamlined, efficient, and rewarding. Illegal immigration, however, will be dealt with more harshly than before. On top of the increased border control in the South, we will be proposing laws, which will be humane, but also more disciplinary. Instead of spending billions of dollars on military and offensive equipment and maneuvers, we will be investing more money in the immigration process, and making sure our people, those that want to live in this country with all the warts and bumps, are better off than legal immigrants and citizens prior.

    I bid you all a very happy holiday season.
  2. mikepd

    mikepd Veteran Member

    Can't fool me. Way to literate for our beloved Prez.

    I know a ghost speech writer when I see one!
  3. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    A smart man pays others to do what he can't. Bush is not well spoken. Clinton and Gore are well spoken. We got the right one.

    Regarding what he said. Seems like he recognized the faults we have been reading about. I hope he fixes the faults without createing a KGB or a Gestapo.

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