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Bear baiting isn't sporting, opponents say

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by Biker, Dec 29, 2002.

  1. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Well, DUH! I could make all sorts of tasteless jokes about <a href="http://www.cnn.com/2002/TECH/science/12/29/bear.baiting.ap/index.html" target="blank">this subject</a>, but I do have to agree. Baiting anything other than fishing hooks is just plain wrong in my book. I particularly like the quote from Rick Posig, president of the Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association: "You can sit on a bait for hours on end."

    Maybe if he got off his fat arse and hunted, he'd actually learn what it was all about.
  2. yazdzik

    yazdzik Veteran Member

    Yet another Wall Street thread?
  3. jfcjrus

    jfcjrus Veteran Member

    Yea, no kidding! I've tried every bear bait I can think of, and my portfolio is still in the toilet ;)

    My apologies, Biker; I couldn't resist!

    (Perhaps this would generate more discussion in the Outdoor forum?)

  4. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah... Found that forum this evening. Whups. :nut:
  5. Wacko

    Wacko Helllllooo Nurrrse

    I don't agree with baiting for any big game. It just doesn't seem sporting to me. Plus I just don't have the patients to sit in one place for hours at a time. My preferred type of hunting is stalking. My two cents.

    I found a site that the hunters, and shooters here might enjoy: http://www.dto.com
  6. jfcjrus

    jfcjrus Veteran Member

    Well, here's where I get to illustrate my paranoia again.

    Ok, lets say, as a hunter, I agree that this 'baiting' stuff is rather unsporting.
    So, feeling noble, I help the anti-hunters regulate the hunters that 'bait' bears. So, 'baiting' is now illegal.

    Then, next year, what happens?
    Some politician, or some group, says that wearing camoflague while bow hunting for deer, while sitting in a tree, is unsporting?
    Or, maybe using a rifle is unsporting? That, to be truly sporting, I should wrastle them to the ground with my bare hands, like a gentleman, to put venison on my table?

    Ridiculous, you say?
    Split us hunters up. Get us picking on each other. Get us outlawing each other. In time........NO HUNTING, at all.
    It doesn't take too many experiences with these supposed 'reasonable discussions' to begin to understand the ultimate goals of these anti-hunting folks.

    So, even though I might agree with with the unsporting element of this issue, I cannot afford to side with the folks trying to outlaw the practice. Because, as has happened before, they'll be after me next year, and then I won't have the bear hunters to help me.

    Besides, if you haven't put bear meat on your table, I suspect that you have no idea what this issue is all about. You have no idea how difficult it is, or not. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, but, without some experience, don't expect it to carry as much weight as someone that has been there.
    I don't discount emotion, I just recognize it.

    And, this post is, of course, just MY opinion.
  7. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Unless you NEED to put meat on the table, baiting kinda defeats the whole purpose of being out there to begin with, doesn't it? ;)
  8. jfcjrus

    jfcjrus Veteran Member

    Well, here we go again with the NEED argument. (Note: I'm not picking on YOU, just the stated argument)

    You're right:
    I may not NEED to put bear meat on my dinner table.
    I may not NEED to put venison on my dinner table.
    I may not NEED to drive a Mercedes.
    I may not NEED a SUV (Ford Explorer) to pull my boat to bring clients fishing.
    I may not NEED the square footage of my current home to provide a living space for my wife and I.
    I may not NEED to have an Irish Setter dog.
    I don't NEED a lot of things.

    I humbly ask;
    What the hell has NEED got to do with the issue?

    I was stating my opinion on some of the folks trying to change the law regarding currently legal activitys, regarding hunting. And, the potential problem with hunters 'taking sides' against each other.

    But, if your experience is that hunting is no longer necessary, in the USA, to feed one's family, then I beg to differ.
    Not everyone in this 'great' country can afford to buy their protein at the supermarket.

    Perhaps it's a shame, but it's true.

  9. Stiofan

    Stiofan Master Po

    I'm not a bear hunter, so I can't say if I know a whole lot about this subject, but I have spend a decent amount of time hunting deer and elk, and so have had a chance to observe a few Blackie's in the wild. It's very difficult to find bears. I see 200 or so deer for every bear I see. And there are a lot of bears where I hunt.

    There's really only three ways to hunt bear. You can bait, you can use dogs and you can still hunt (stalk). Stalking is the least effective, and by itself won't allow enough of a take to acomplish the goals of most state's harvest plans.

    Dogs work well, but are outlawed more and more - much more than baiting is, and for the same reasons you cite about baiting.

    So what's left?

    How do we control the animal populations, thereby ensuring their continued survival, when we leave the management to animal righters and protestors and disregard the advise of our professional wildlife officers in the field.

    Really, I don't hunt bears, but wouldn't be so fast to belittle others who do so after generations of learning how to do it a certain way. We have fewer freedoms each day in this country, be careful what yo uwish abolished today, for you may lose something equally valuable to yourself tomorrow. And I would oppose the feds trampling on states rights in this matter as well. If the locals won't do what you want, just get the feds to outlaw it across huge tracts of land. This is a favorite tactic.

  10. Wacko

    Wacko Helllllooo Nurrrse

    I wouldn't say that I belittle a person for baiting, but that I wouldn't do it myself.

    In retrospect a group of guys that I know went out hunting bear(I wasn't with them). They setup by a garbage dump in the area where bear had been spotted. Now to me that would definately constitute bating, lol. They said that they counted 7 bears at the dumps, but couldn't get a shot off. Like I believe that. This is the same group that shot at a squirel with shotguns, and missed it. Anyways, for some bating might be the only way that they would see a bear let alone get a shot at one, and that still doesn't mean they are going to kill one. Food for thought.
  11. Coot

    Coot Passed Away January 7, 2010

    Actually, I believe I have the correct response to this. It's actually much simpler than anything we've looked at. We simply dart the PETA folks as we see them outside their natural habitat. They are a danger to both wildlife and domestic livestock. Once darted, they can be caged, tagged and fitted with radio collars. We can then fly them to Berkeley, and then, as they awake, we can release them from their cages and experience the joy of seeing them running free with those of their own kind.
  12. Wacko

    Wacko Helllllooo Nurrrse

    Coot if your talking about Berkeley, CA my response is NO THANKS. We have more than our share of them in this state.

    My alternative plan however is to dart them, crate them up, and ship them to Iraq. I'm sure the USPS could spare a few stamps to help a good cause, or better yet maybe the government could ship them on a few of the transports headed that way. This way we could actually save money on postage.


    A Concerned Californian...;)
  13. martissimo

    martissimo Veteran Member

    Frankly if Food and Game decides that a certain number of bears need to be culled in order for things to maintain their proper balance, and the person taking the creature has the appropriate license to be taking 1 of those numbers, i could care less how he does it, assuming it's remotely humanely (i.e. not chewing off it's own feet to get out of a trap or something like that)

    Sure a guy with a tree stand and bait may be missing out on the skills others use to hunt with their rifles.... but then again those with their rifles are also missing out on some of the skills a bow hunter enjoys practicing. As long as the animal is taken legally i see little difference in what circumstances lead up to the shot that is taken.

    But I am pissed about them chastising my preferred method of fishing <I> "It's comparable to shooting fish in a barrel. I just don't know what kind of sport that is." </I> ... dammit, shooting fish is the only way i ever catch the darn things (though my barrell is fairly large being the Pacific Ocean, but i do fish with a (spear)gun, them damm hook and string contraptions are just too erratic) ;)

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