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Amazon's Echo

Discussion in 'Society and Culture' started by Greg, Nov 8, 2014.

  1. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Let’s Call The Amazon Echo What It Is | TechCrunch

    The article speaks for itself. You're saying, "No, you can't be Siri-ous." Yes, they can. I noticed it just today when visiting Amazon intending to buy something mindless on Prime, something that I know I'll need eventually (Redmond "Real Salt" / nature's real salt) when the Echo teaser came up so I Googled it.

    Long story short it's in the prototype stage and you know Amazon is in the selling business. Echo is the equivalent of Siri on your iPhone, "Alexa, please order me a pound of that salt I bought a few months back." Done.

    Currently not taking orders yet but you know that will come soon. Actually it kind of bothers me, having a bot listen to everything I say in my home. It would be nice to have an Amazon app that does the same thing, and of course for free.'

    But really, as I said, Amazon is in the business of selling. One of the very best strategies in selling is to remove as many obstacles to purchasing as possible. With Echo (and presumably Prime) all you'll have to do is ask for it and two days later it will appear on your door step. It's the voice equivalent of one click ordering.
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