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[Review] Amazon Cloud Cam

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Susan Addams, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    I just got mine yesterday and it nicely complements my Ring doorbell cam.

    The cam is designed for inside use only, such as a baby cam or perhaps a security device that detects motion and gives you two way audio if you hit the talk button, one way (you hear them) otherwise. It has motion detection (presumably optical) and features a variety of mounting options including support for upside down and probably reverse. Built in IR emitters allow nighttime use in the dark. Oh I forgot to add it could be a good doggie cam too and allows you to interact with your pet at home while you are away. — $120 at Amazon, just type "Amazon cloud cam" in their search bar.

    I bought my cloud cam for a different reason. My condo is designed with garage occupying almost entire width of condo (except path to front door which is covered by my Ring camera) and my master suite is at the back, my hobby room faces the street, I have a work table pushed up against the front facing window.

    As a temporary solution (I had lots of work and little time for play yesterday) I piled a stack of books until the cam was high enough to get a good view. It's not ideal because I can see only the street half of my driveway but I'll figure a way to get it higher. About 20% of the screen is blocked by an outside facia (?) that won't be visible if I raise the camera... I'm watching a dog walker as I type this.

    I had to turn off the IR which automatically comes on at night because it reflects back on the glass and glares out the image. The microphone is so sensitive that last night I made a sound in the kitchen while my Echo Show was on the street, and each time I make a moderately loud noise in the kitchen I'd hear an echo 1/4 second later from the Show. I turned off the mic.

    I also turned the motion detection to the lowest setting (of 3). I was bugged by constant alerts yesterday when I was at work for a meeting. Hopefully the minimum setting won't trigger on traffic.

    I did say it is WiFi but that should be obvious. ... There goes a car! ... You can use the tablet or phone app, but I like using my Echo Show. I just say, "Alexa show street," and have the equivalent of full time CCTV showing half my front yard, half my driveway, all the street, and all the buildings across the street.

    As I said I picked an unusual way to deploy my Amazon cloud cam by using it inside and pointing it at a window, but this installation is lots easier than installing an outdoor cam and getting power to it. (There are outside cams with solar power if you wish.)

    You can purchase full time motion activated recording for IIRC $3/month from Amazon.

    Overall it gets a good review from me and I recommend this product whether for its intended use or change the settings and stick it into a window as a peek cam! The product works as intended and is IMO sold at a fair price.

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