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ABC News - Unbiased My Butt

Discussion in 'Issues Around the World' started by ShinyTop, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. ShinyTop

    ShinyTop I know what is right or wrong!

    Tonight Peter Jennings announced that upcoming news or maybe on Nightline was a story about an upcoming deadline for aliens to register with the INS, to include that many are "very worried". His parting shot was, "See you tomorrow, I hope." The announcement of the story and that aliens are worried is news. The "I hope" appeared to be a cheap shot. Did anybody else notice this at the end of the Nightly News?
  2. jamming

    jamming Banned

    Well he is an alien ;) What do you expect?
  3. Advocat

    Advocat Viral Memes a Speciality Staff Member

    Fear is a great way to get people to tune back in. That's why, even though crime overall is down by something like 20% over the last few years, <b>news reports</b> about crime are up by 600%!

    If you're worried, you'll watch... at least that's what the producers hope.
  4. joseftu

    joseftu ORIGINAL Pomp-Dumpster

    Keep America Safe!
    Deport Peter Jennings!
  5. mikepd

    mikepd Veteran Member

    Send him to Florida in the winter! We need the snow bird dollars. Then kick him back to Canada! ;)
  6. Techie2000

    Techie2000 The crowd would sing:

    After examining everything as much as I can, I have come to the conclusion that the media is unable to be unbiased. If the media was unbiased their ratings would go down and it would be boring for most people. However because a report on an event comes from a source some people consider biased doesn't mean that the event never happened.

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