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Terms of Service and Rules

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The Rules

Global Affairs is a success because of the diversity of the membership and their opinions. This forum allows for discussion of controversial topics in an adult manner. Because of the nature of the topics discussed, and in keeping the posts civil and on topic, the following guidelines apply:

1. Be considerate of your fellow posters.

2. When quoting news articles, please give the appropriate source credit. Do not quote the entire article unless you have permission from the author/publisher. Quoting about 10% of the article should be safe. Paraphrasing an article, giving credit to the author/publisher, is also allowed.

3. Global Affairs is not a wire news service. When posting a link to an article, take the time to also post a thought process or premise to get the discussion going. This forum is for discussion and interaction, not a hot link to a news room.

4. Insulting or flaming other members will not be tolerated. Posting personal attacks on members will result in a moderator or administrator contacting the poster for an immediate edit. If the poster is on line, and the edit has not been accomplished within 5 minutes, the offending post will be moved. If the poster is off line, the post will be moved immediately and a PM sent giving the poster the opportunity to edit the post. Failure to edit the post on request will result in the post being removed permanently. Continued flaming and insults will result in a site ban. Do not add to the flames and use the report post function if necessary. Attack the premise, not the poster.

5. Hit and run tactics and "trolling" will result in being banned from the site. Global Affairs is for discussion, not a soap box.

6. Are you are unhappy in life, love to make others miserable, constantly pick on other members? Is Schadenfreude your middle name? Too sensitive to own up to mistakes made, well, perhaps we can show you the door?

7. Any complaint of harassment via PM will be investigated. If the allegations are true, the offending member will be placed on a temporary ban. Any subsequent harassment will result in a permanent site ban.

8. Members found to have, or even strongly suspected of having, dual accounts will be informed of such, and invited to delete one account of their own volition within 24 hours. If they do not do so, both accounts will be deleted by an administrator. Such members are more than welcome to then register a new account, and will be invited to do so via email before their accounts are deleted.

While it may seem harsh to delete both accounts it is almost never possible to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a user is doubling up, so when moderators and administrators suspect that such a situation has arisen there is rarely any other option but to delete both accounts after first giving the suspected member an opportunity to remedy the situation.

Having dual accounts goes against everything the community stands for. We are here as individuals, representing ourselves as both teachers and learners, friends and sometimes nemeses participating in a discussion forum of mutual respect and inherent trust that its members are as much themselves as they say they are, and no more.

9. Private Messages (PM's) are exactly that: private. No portion of any PM exchange between members may be publicly posted unless the other involved member(s) have given explicit permission to do so. Be prepared to provide proof of that permission upon request. Failure to adhere to this guideline will result in a site ban, which may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.

10. Spamming and advertising are strictly forbidden, this includes linking sites in your signature that aren't personal in nature. Members engaging in these activities will be summarily banned. It is, however, permissible to link to other discussion boards or commercial sites, or to make reference to commercial products, in ways that are relevant to the discussion, including posting your support for a product/company. If in doubt, please contact one of the staff members for clarification.

11. Profanity and sexually suggestive pictures/language are for the adult forums. Public (non-adult) forums can be viewed by members of all ages. We don't get crazy about an occasional expletive, but if your posts are profane, crass, nasty, you are subject to moderation.

12. If you want to leave the forum, and post something to state that you are leaving this forum please be aware that your account will be banned. Stating you are leaving is cancelling your membership.

13. The purpose of the Arcade is to provide enjoyment for the users here at Global Affairs. It is NOT enjoyable to see outrageously high scores that are unobtainable through normal play of the game. This prevents users who play the games as they should be played from enjoying them. Cheating in the Arcade will result in ALL scores being reset and the offending member banned from the Arcade. Permanently.

14. People running bots of any kind, mods, extensions, or any form of a script on their browsers that slows down our server are abusing the resources of the server. Whether intentional or not, the end result will be the same resulting in a permanent ban from this site.

15. At Global Affairs, posts are rarely deleted, unless there are legal issues surrounding the post. We encourage search engines to crawl the site, and any information you, the user, may post could end up being listed in many of the search engines on the Internet.